Lady Finally Apologizes After Saying Her Son Is Ugly And Has Funny Looks

A mother who went viral for complaining about her son’s looks, calling him ugly has tender a profound apology to her son.

Recall that the mother said her biggest fear was having an ugly baby. She said she always knew there was a “50 50 chance” her baby will come out ugly because of her man.

After several back lashes from social media users and celebrities, the boy’s mother has made a video to apologise to her son saying;

“I may have said you funny looking but I know for a fact you’re gonna grow up to be a very handsome young Gentlemen ❤️ I love you and your siblings don’t let the media tell you otherwise mama 10 toes down behind y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #baby #babyfever #chocolatebaby #handsomebaby #quaylaann”

See video;

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