Man Takes Home Male Disguised As A Female In Abuja And This Happened (Photos)

Police have arrested a transvestite in Abuja after a club patron took him home, thinking he was a woman.

22-year-old Iliyasu Omika, from Kogi State but resident of Tungan Maje, Abuja, normally dresses like a woman to lure men at night clubs in Abuja, but insists that he is not g*y.

He was arrested at a brothel in Mpape on November 5, around 5am after his client raised alarm upon discovery that he was actually a man.

In an interview with newsmen, Omika said he is not a s*x worker neither is he a g*y. He said he dressed as a woman because he had come to Abuja to act a movie where he was casted as a lady.

Narrating how he was arrested, he said:

“I was in a bar and a man saw me and asked if I was Igala (ethnic group), I said yes. He offered to buy drinks for me, but I told him I don’t take alcohol, so he bought me a soft drink.

I told him that my sisters and I were in the bar to look for jobs, but he said there were no jobs there and offered to take us to his house.

He said that we could stay the night and promised to give us N3,000 so we could go back to our village; so, we went with him to his house.

On getting there, he asked my sisters to sleep with him in his bedroom, but they turned him down and chose to sleep in the living room.

So, I slept off and the man touched my chest and upon discovering that I was a man, he called the police and I was arrested.”

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